BD7mini conversion kit Manual

BD7mini M

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It recruits partners having you handle our product abroad.
At first the interested partner asks for communication by an E-mail.(sales@hgd-spice.jp)

+++Article sale results country+++ 
  - Australia
  - Hong Kong
  - Malaysia
  - United Kingdom

+++Terms and conditions+++
  -I become the Japanese Yen business.
  -I ask for advance payment. 
  -There is the article partly when I cannot export it.
  -The article is going to use Japanese postal EMS/SAL/Air mail.
       *Japanese postal EMS Homepege
  - Payment by "Paypal" can correspond.

I will show the other conditions after an inquiry.

   ++New release information

   ++Product information

       +++mini Body
       +++mini Slick Tire
       +++mini TE37 Wheel
       +++mini Wheel
       +++mini Drift Tire
       +++mini Drift Tire(Set)
       +++mini Mold Inner
       +++F104 Bonded Tire
       +++F104 Sponge Tire
       +++F104 Wheel
       +++Drift Tire
       +++Drift TE37 Wheel
       +++Drift Accessory
       +++Drift Spring
       +++Touring Slick Tire
       +++Touring Mold Inner
       +++Mini-z Body


Company Name

SPICE Co.,Ltd.


12 Shinmei Nakanogo Kita-Nagoya City Aichi-Pre Japan
 *Please give me the inquiry by an E-mail.


Haruki Isogai

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