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Centering tape(B Type)

It is hard to grow even if I pull it. Good balance.

SPA-094 Tire centering tape(Balance type)Sold-Out
Price 450JPY

Tire centering tape

  Tire centering tape  

- It is a sponge tape to fix the drift of resin construction it tire.

- It rolls it in the wheel. Contact side with the tire is increased, and the tire is fixed surely.

- Moreover, a peculiar resonance sound to the resin tire is absorbed by burying the cave between the tire and the wheel.

- It is possible to use it for the drift of resin construction it tire of each company.

Tire centering tape

Name:Tire centering tape(Width of 20mm/ Entering by four)
Price:400 Japanese Yen

It is an example of the installation on "VOLK Racing TE37 Wheel".

Tire centering tape



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