Pinion Gear(64P)Pinion Gear(64P)

Pinion Gear(64P)

Carbon Steel Pinion Gear 48P (with a screw)


I can easily confirm the number of the teeth.

< Characteristic >

1.  It is a lightweighted design. I realize the gear which is aluminum-based and about the same weight.  I do not bet a burden on drive system.

2.  The essence of materials is tenacious. I can expect a durability performance enhancement.  It is involved in a stone and but is all right.  Running the whole distance rate has expectation of improving when I use you as a race.

3.  The expectation why life thyme gets longer than an aluminum product is possible.

Price 580 Japaese Yen

型名 歯数
SPP-036 20T
SPP-037 21T
SPP-038 22T
SPP-039 23T
SPP-040 24T
SPP-041 25T
SPP-042 26T
SPP-043 27T
SPP-044 28T
SPP-045 29T
SPP-046 30T
SPP-047 31T
SPP-048 32T
SPP-049 33T
SPP-050 34T
SPP-051 35T
SPP-052 36T
SPP-053 37T
SPP-054 38T
SPP-055 39T
SPP-056 40T
SPP-057 41T
SPP-058 42T



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